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What to expect when visiting the Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch


What to expect when going to the pumpkin patch!

Going to the pumpkin patch can be a fun and memorable experience for the whole family, but you might want to know what to expect before you go!

  1. Make sure you check the weather before you go! When you’re at the pumpkin patch you’re going to want the perfect weather conditions so you can be comfortable when trying to find your perfect pumpkin. This will also help you avoid making a muddy mess in your car if the patch is wet.
  2. If you plan on going to the pumpkin patch to get some good fall photos, then you might want to choose a bright and sunny day to achieve the best quality photo. The farm is covered in themed photo opps and picturesque scenery. 
  3. You should also make sure you are wearing a very comfortable outfit and good walking shoes. The pumpkin patch is huge! The Fun Farm is open rain or shine, you should have rain boots, or change of shoes or clothes on hand.
  4. If you are on the search for your dream pumpkin then you should expect to walk a good ways up and down the pumpkin patch. If you choose to go on a bright and sunny day you might also want to think about bringing water bottles.
  5. There are all different types of shapes and sizes. If you want a pumpkin for carving you will want to select a pumpkin that has a larger surface area. This will give a bigger space to carve whatever face you want.
  6. If you are searching for a pumpkin that will give you the most seeds you might knock on a few pumpkins and find one that sounds the most hollow. A hollow pumpkin often means that there is more room for seeds. This is an easy trick to find your perfect pumpkin to make delicious pumpkin seeds when you get home.
  7. At the pumpkin patch, you should expect your children to drop their pumpkin or for it to slip out of their hands. To prevent this, you are going to want to find a smaller pumpkin with a longer stem. This way they can carry their own pumpkin without damaging it. The Fun Farm also provides wheel barrels for you to haul heavy pumpkins too.
  8. The last thing you should always expect when visiting a pumpkin patch is to have a great time! Going to the pumpkin patch is a fun fall activity for all ages. There are always so many memories to be made at the pumpkin patch.

Once you have checked the fall weather and get dressed appropriately then you are ready to go. Get ready for fall fun at the pumpkin patch! Take a hayride over to pick pumpkins, enjoy pumpkin donuts & have a fun filled day.