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What to cook over a campfire: 9 sides, entrees + desserts

As the days get colder and shorter, a warm bonfire sounds more and more inviting. If you’re hosting a bonfire this winter, or even next summer, we encourage you to think outside the box with what to cook over a campfire! There’s more than just s’mores on the menu (although we love those too!) when it comes to planning a memorable and delicious campfire cookout.

Campfire cooking tips

For more than a million years, humans have used fire for cooking. Fire and smoke add another layer of flavor to foods and cooking outdoors is a fun learning experience for kids.


If you’re hosting a winter campfire party, cooking over a bonfire is the best and most fun way to involve your guests in the process! From warming up cider to cooking up stew, there’s a lot you can do over open flames. 

Here are a few of the tips we recommend for your next campfire:

  • Come prepared with utensils
  • Understand food safety
  • Prep at home
  • Stay alert
  • Turn, turn, turn!


What to cook over a bonfire

There are so many things you can make over a campfire! Whether you’re hosting a beach campfire, planning food for a camping trip, or making a reservation at one of our campfires at Fun Farm, try out one or all of these recipes at your next fiery event.


Corn on the cob

Everyone loves corn on the cob! This recipe calls for keeping the corn in its husk and covering it with coals for maximum flavor. 


Spinach dip

Ooey gooey and spinachy—the perfect side dish for any party. You only need four ingredients and aluminum foil to turn your cheesy dreams into reality. Best served with crusty bread. 


Campfire potatoes

Take it back to the olden days with an old fashioned baked potato. Stab it with a fork, wrap in aluminum foil, and let it do its thing in the coals. This recipe is most delicious when topped with ample butter and sour cream.




Campfire stew

We love this recipe because you can personalize it in a wide variety of ways! All you need is a dutch oven, meat, potatoes, and vegetables to make this delicious and hearty meal. 


Foil packs

You can put pretty much anything in a foil pack and cook it over an open flame! From sausage and peppers to cilantro-lime shrimp, this blog offers a variety of foil pack recipes for your next campfire. 


Chili dogs

What screams bonfire more than hot dogs? Take it up a notch by making your own chili (or warming up canned chili beans) and topping your dogs with cheese and onions. You kids will have a blast putting together their own meals from start to finish.



Dessert cones

Put your kid’s creativity to the test. This recipe calls for waffle cones and toppings … and that’s it. We love the idea of creating an assembly area for kids where they can make their own creative cone. 


Cinnamon rolls

It’s like making a hot dog but better. Skewer your pre-made cinnamon rolls and roast them over the campfire. Top with deliciously warm icing and you have a fun and delicious campfire treat.


Different types of s’mores

If you’re tired of traditional s’mores or just want to expand your options, try swapping out some of the ingredients or adding more delicious toppings! For example, use chocolate chip cookies instead of graham crackers or peanut butter cups in place of chocolate bars. For more inspiration, this recipe offers 25 different recipes for s’mores. 


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Whatever you’re serving up, make sure it’s warm and toasty. And if you’re looking for a place to host your next bonfire, look no further than Fun Farm. We offer campfire rentals at our facilities during our fall season (September and October).