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Butterfly & Bubble Release Event

The Fun Farm will have a Painted Butterfly & Monarch Butterfly Release event that will take place Saturday, August 29, 2020. This family friendly event includes releasing hundreds of butterflies, jumbo bubbles, music, and all day Fun Farm field activities.

Farm Opens at 10am.

Butterfly & Bubbles at 11am.

Guests can arrive dressed in butterfly or caterpillar costumes.

Guests must Pre-Purchase Tickets in Advance.  Click here to reserve tickets today!

Must reserve butterflies in advance in order for Farm to know quantities of butterflies for release event.

The Farm will be open for activities the entire day– enjoy food, games, and the barn gift shop.

The Fun Farm will keep safety precautions in place to ensure that guests can have a safe and enjoyable experience by requiring advanced registration and offering outdoor activities for people of all ages.

Butterfly Release Educational Background

Butterflies will spend the rest of summer in the area while some may migrate further north. The butterflies are important pollinators for the ecosystem. They will pollinate the beautiful flowers along the farm, and the flowering plants in crops. They play a critical role in our environment.  About one third of the food people eat depends on the work of pollinators such as butterflies.

Let’s celebrate the beauty of nature by releasing colorful fluttering butterflies!