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Best field trips in KC: Hands-on adventure at Fun Farm

Field trips are all about expanding learning through hands-on activities and immersive experiences within the community. Not only do field trips provide a fun getaway, they are also a great opportunity for team-building exercises and getting to know classmates in more ways than one.

Whether you’re learning about art, biology, leadership, or more, the best field trips help make the subject more relevant and intimate, giving students the chance to truly learn first-hand about the topic and immerse themselves into something new.

At Fun Farm, we offer an exciting field trip for students and faculty alike. Students get the opportunity to explore our grounds, including our beehive, farm animals, and corn maze, and experience adventure and learning firsthand! To learn more about the Fun Farm experience click here!

Field trip ideas: How to plan a field trip to Fun Farm
We make planning a field trip to Fun Farm as stress-free as possible! We offer a map of our property, outlining each activity station and how long we recommend you spend at each spot to receive the optimal experience—meaning less work for you and more fun for your students.

Kids at the Fun Farm playing in the Country Store

And at Fun Farm, we understand that budgets can be tight for students and teachers in our community. And because we truly believe in the benefit of students visiting our farm, we offer discount tickets for $7 per student and offer free entry to teachers and district employees.

So how do you plan a field trip, you ask? Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll put everything together for you. That way, all you have to do is convince your principal that Fun Farm is the best place to be!

Looking for some facts and pointers to pass along? Read the next section.

Why Fun Farm field trips?
Visiting a farm for a school field trip is a great way for students to explore something they may not have experienced before. They can learn hands-on about agriculture and nature, helping to connect with it and their peers on a greater level.

Plus, it’s just pure, wholesome fun!

Your crew will love seeing the sights and sounds of our farm, adventuring and learning through different areas—especially our corn maze, which is the perfect team-building activity for kids and adults! Your class will work together to solve riddles and find their way out of the maze, all while enjoying the outdoors and each other.

Our field trips and activity stations, which we staff with our Fun Farm experts during your visit, are backed by experience and knowledge. We consulted with a retired teacher to ensure we’re up to date with the most current Grade Level Expectations (GLEs) from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Kids at the Fun Farm watching the pig races.

And as a safe and enclosed environment, you can trust that your class is exploring to their hearts’ content, without leaving our facilities. Check out all of our facilities here!

About Fun Farm field trips
We start accepting field trip groups from September 16 through November 1. Entry for students is just $7 per student and teachers and district employees are free! If you have parents that want to attend (and we highly encourage them to!) they will also receive a discounted admission of $10.95 per adult.

We offer lunch at an additional price, or you’re welcome to pack your own and have a picnic at our beautiful facilities. We do ask that you give us two preferred dates to choose from, that way we can make sure to offer you the best, most personal experience possible.

Lastly, all students who attend will receive a complimentary voucher for admission during the fall season (a $12.95+ value!) And trust us, after you leave, they will be begging to come back.

All field trips are booked within the Fun Farm’s hours of admission. The farm is open from 9am to 7pm Sunday through Thursday and 9am to 10pm Friday and Saturday. To inquire more about field trips or to book yours today, simply fill out our form online and we’ll be in touch!