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5 Tips for Strawberry Picking

Strawberry picking season is right around the corner and there are some tips and tricks that everyone should know before they go!

  1. It is important to pick the fully red strawberries for the best taste. Teaching children what a ripe strawberry looks like will help them to pick the ones that are ready to be picked instead of the ones still growing. Picking strawberries that are not ripe yet will not taste as good and leave less berries for the next person that comes picking. Educating your children about this before you come to the patch will help them to pick some very tasty red strawberries!
  2. When you find the perfect berry you’re going to want to grasp the stem just above the berry and pull it with a slight twisting motion. This will prevent the stem from coming off and from the strawberry being bruised. Make sure you grab about one inch above the strawberry to ensure you pull it off with the stem intact.
  3. Once you pick your berry you should gently place it in your tub or bucket and do not throw them. Throwing them will result in bruising and might squeeze out some of their lovely flavor. Make sure you do not have too many berries stacked on one another to where the strawberries on bottom get smushed. If your tub gets too heavy get another tub or bucket so that none of your freshly picked strawberries get bruised in transport.
  4. If you get on your knees or sit down to pick, make sure you watch where you are sitting in case a strawberry has fallen off the bush. If you see a strawberry in the walking path just pick it up and place it in between strawberry bushes or out of the way of the walking area. It is very easy for some strawberries to be loose and someone might end up stepping on one and getting their shoes dirty, so if you see one just set it aside to prevent this happening to others. You can really save someone’s day!
  5. The last thing you should know is to not wash your strawberries until you are ready to use them. It is especially important if you pick them in bulk that you do not wash any of them until the time comes when you want to eat them. Cleaning strawberries can sometimes make them spoil faster than if you don’t. This is such an easy and simple trick to maximize your hand picked strawberries shelf life!