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Nobody Does Corn Mazes Like Us!

If there’s one thing we’re known for at the Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch (outside of pumpkins and cute farm animals) — it’s our corn mazes. For the last five years, thousands of people have been traveling to Kearney, Missouri to brace themselves for the adventure of going through our maze.

With state-of-the-art technology, we’ve been designing and crafting mazes you won’t see anywhere else in the Midwest. When it comes to the layout, we always do our best to make it not too difficult, but just difficult enough! After all, getting lost is all part of the adventure, right?

Fun Farm 2018 corn maze aerial photo

If you’ve been to the Fun Farm, but have never been through our maze — this is the year to go!

Why people love the Fun Farm Corn Maze:

– It gives families and friends something fun to do on the weekend
– The design changes every year (and is always a sight to see!)
– “Getting lost” makes for a good story to tell
– It’s a great fall tradition that families and friends can look forward to

What to Expect:

When you first enter the maze, you’ll notice just how tall the stalks of corn are that line the pathway. It may feel like you’re completely surrounded, but don’t worry, there’s always plenty of space to walk! As you and your group make your way through the maze, you’ll see some signs along the way. These can be helpful for navigating you through to the end. However, there’s almost always a choice to make — do you go right, left… stay straight? That’s what makes it fun!

You and your family/friends can work together to find your way back out again, or simply wander for as long as you like! Our giant corn maze is sure to be a fun, family activity for everyone.

Kids walking through corn maze

If you’re looking for a time to make out to the farm, October is a great month to come.

Our October hours are:

– Sunday – Tuesday 9am-7pm,
– Wednesday 9am-9pm,
– Thursday 9am-7pm,
– Friday – Saturday 9am-10pm

You can buy tickets online, or wait and purchase them when you arrive. We hope to see you soon!