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Getting the Fun Farm Ready for Fall

It’s that time of year again! Another summer has passed, school is back in session, and the season of fall (a.k.a our favorite season) will soon make its arrival!

Every year, our team spends the last couple months of summer planning and prepping for the exciting times ahead in the fall! From the pumpkin patch and apple orchard to the design and cut of the corn maze — there’s quite a bit that goes into getting the Farm up and running and ready for our visitors to enjoy.

But, truth be told, we enjoy nothing more than putting in the hard work to create a fun-filled environment that brings people together and helps create lasting memories.

It’s why we do what we do, and we love every bit of it!

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Fun Fall Activities Checklist for 2019

There’s one thing we know how to do at the Fun Farm… and it’s that we know how to have fun. With each new season, we do our best to try and make it better and more fun than the last.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your fall activities checklist to do with the kids — you’ve come to the right place! The Fun Farm is so much more than just buying pumpkins from our pumpkin patch. It’s the place for apple picking, corn maze exploring, animal-loving, cider sipping, fun-seeking people to go.

A few of our main fall activities and attractions include:

  • The Pumpkin Patch
  • Happy Apple Orchard
  • The Corn Maze
  • The Country Store

But, there’s always more where that came from. We have a jump pillow, a giant corn pit, hayrides, campfires, pig races, treehouses… and of course, our lovable barnyard critters!

The Pumpkin Patch

No fall season is ever complete without picking a fresh pumpkin from a pumpkin patch, right? Your ticket into the Fun Farm includes a hayride out to our Midwest renown pumpkin patch.

With over 60 varieties of pumpkins to choose from, it’s safe to say we have something for everyone. A few types of pumpkins you’ll find in our patch include the Atlantic Giant, Warty Goblin, Cronus, and Mini Warts (don’t worry… they’re cuter than they sound!).

There are endless ways you can put our pumpkins to use this fall! They’re perfect for pumpkin carving with friends, decorating your home, baking fall treats… the list goes on! All of our pumpkins are first come, first serve — so be sure and plan a trip to the patch while they last!

Couple sitting on hay bales holding pumpkin

Happy Apple Orchard

In case you haven’t heard the exciting news yet, our Happy Apple Orchard will be up and running this year for primetime apple picking! We’ve spent the off-season months preparing, planting, and nurturing the orchard to give you a nice, bountiful harvest this upcoming season!

We have dozens of types of apples in our orchard! If you like your apples on the sweeter side, we recommend the beloved Honey Crisp and Ultra Gold, or if you prefer a tart flavor, we suggest the Braeburn or Granny Smiths!

You can use our apples for cider making, apple sauce, baking or enjoy them just as they are!

Man picking apple in orchard

The Corn Maze

Our corn maze is for explorers, adventurers, and those who aren’t afraid of getting lost in the moment. See what we did there? This family-friendly attraction takes people on a fun and exciting trek with twists and turns (and turnarounds) until they reach the other side!

We also have a separate maze just for kids! It’s easier and much shorter in length, so the kids can get some good, carefree exploration without losing sight of their parents or guardians.

The corn maze is a seasonal favorite among Fun Farm goers and always makes for a great family outing or date night! This year we chose to go with a Johnny Appleseed “theme” in honor of our first season picking apples in the Happy Apple Orchard!

Kids walking through corn maze

The Country Store

Come for the fun, and be sure to take some fun home with you! The Country Store, located in our beautiful big red barn, features a variety of fun things that are available for purchase! There you’ll find handcrafted goods from local vendors, seasonal decorations for the home, fresh mums, fruit butter, sweet treats, souvenirs for the kiddos and so much more!

Ready to plan your next trip to the Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch? You can beat the crowds by purchasing your tickets online! We look forward to seeing you out on the Farm soon!