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Easy Pumpkin Carving to do With Kids

child dressed as pumpkin

Fall 2019 is finally here and those words are like music to our ears! One thing we love most about the season are the fun fall traditions that accompany it. Whether you’re well-acquainted with pumpkin carving, or this is your first go-round with the kids, we have a few easy pumpkin carving and decorating ideas you can do with your children.

Ways to Carve Pumpkins with Kids

Pumpkin carving is not like it used to be in the days when you had to do it all by hand! Now we have the stencils and carving tools that make pumpkin carving fun and interactive for kids of all ages. Not to mention Pinterest, which can always be used to spark all sorts of creative ideas.

What you need for successful pumpkin carving:

• A nice looking pumpkin (picked from yours truly… the Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch)
• A pumpkin carving kit

For adults, we still recommend a good serrated knife for cutting a hole into the pumpkin, an ice cream scoop to get rid of the pumpkin seeds, and a paring knife for carving designs.

But, to keep things simple and safer for kids, a pumpkin carving kit is always a great option!

How to Pick a Good Pumpkin

First things first, you’ve got to pick the right pumpkin(s)! Our pumpkin patch features 60 varieties of pumpkins for you and your kiddos to choose from. When picking a good pumpkin for carving, the trick is to find one that is sturdy, has a hollow sound to it, and a nice round base for displaying. Tip: the heavier the pumpkin, the harder it is to carve.

fun farm pumpkin patch

How to Choose a Pumpkin Carving Kit

If you decide to go with a pumpkin carving kit, you’ll find that these kits come with a variety of Halloween decorative stencils. From ghosts, witches and brooms, and bats, to the classic jack-o-lantern — there are dozens of options for decorating!

They’re also set with the tools you need for cutting, scooping and detailing.

Once the design has been chosen, you can let the real fun begin! It’s always fun for kids to watch the design they chose be brought to life on their pumpkin! Best part is, they get to have a hand in making it happen as you help guide them along the way (depending on their age).

kids and mom carving pumpkins

Pumpkin carving kits are available to purchase in most stores like Wal Mart, Target, Party City, or you can go online and check out what Amazon has to offer.

Best Ways to Preserve a Pumpkin

In order to keep your newly designed pumpkin as fresh for as long as possible (which is usually only two or three days), you’ll need to do these things:

• Place it away from direct sunlight
• Cover the carved areas with petroleum jelly to prevent it from drying out
• Spray it with a bleach + water mixture to fight against mold

How to Decorate Pumpkins Without the Carving

To avoid the messiness of carving, you always have DIY options for decorating pumpkins! This can be another fun and engaging activity that encourages kids to get their creative juices going.

kids decorating pumpkin

You can supply the decorating session with paint, glitter, letters, and other crafty accessories. For some Halloween inspiration, check out Good Housekeeping’s list of no-carve pumpkin ideas!

Beyond carving and decorating, the options are truly endless when it comes to finding a use for pumpkins. You can use them for baking yummy fall treats, simple home decor (without the touch of “arts and crafts”), serving bowls for fall parties… you name it.

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