The Fun Farm is so much more than a simple farm! We’re a fully equipped fun machine. Ready to entertain kids — and adults — of all ages, we’ve got tons of kids' activities, shows, performers, play areas, specialty equipment…and yes, farm stuff too. If it’s fun, you’ll find it here!

Ready for the fun?

fun farm campfire

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a private area to relax in between activities? We offer campfire pits that you can rent for your private party or event. Campfire sites are close to activities but provide a semi-private place for your friends and family together. Groups of 15 or less can rent one of our 20 pits for just $50. If your group is larger, we have 4 HUGE pits for groups of 16 or more for just $100.

More Fun (Farm) Than You Could Possibly Have in a Day